Over the years the Choir has done seven recordings, the first one being in 1974 entitled the "Secret Of Life" produced on a vinyl LP. 
As technology moved from vinyl to audio cassette, some of the recordings were produced in both formats.
 As we moved to C.D., again, the recordings were prouced in both Audio cassette and C.D., phasing out vinyl.


The first recording was done in the winter of 1972/3 and released as an L.P in 1973. ​ ​ The sponsorship was provided by B.B.C. Radio Cleveland, (now B.B.C. Tees) under the guidance of the Manager, Mr. Alan Shaw and sound engineer. Mr. Ken Boar.​ ​The location of the recording sessions was at the Saltburn Community Centre. The title chosen was 
"The Secret Of Life" and based on the way that the lads enjoyed themselves. It was decided that every member was involved with this recording and had a voice, including those who were not soloists. Therefore voice overs were done, telling the story of the song.​ All of the proceeds were donated to the R.N.L.I​. 

The second L.P., "The Shore Fishing Game" was produced in 1977 with the funding coming from local Fabrication Engineers A.M.L. Ltd. 
The cover picture was produced by Pete Wray from a photograph taken by Jack Anderson. It shows the fishing boat, Avril, launching from Marske beach.


The third and final L.P. was produced in 1981, called "Always Ready" This was the title song of  and the name of the Runswick Bay lifeboat which arrived on station in 1933. The words were written by the local Vicar, the Rev Joseph Totbin when the boat arrived on station. The music arrangment was added in 1980 by Jimmy Madden.
In February 1934 at 04-25 the "The Always Ready" launched to the vessel "Disperser" sinking off Staithes while being under tow in a NNW gale. 7 of the 8 crew were rescued by the tug, but the 8th man was still clinging to the vessel. Coxwain Robert Patton grasped the man and as the vessels parted Coxwain Patton was dragged overboard and suffered serious injuries. Nine days later Coxwain Patton died of his injuries.
 Robert Patton was posthumously awarded the Gold Medal for Conspicuous Gallantry, the Institution's highest honour which it can bestow.
The Lifeboat was renamed "Robert Patton".

We are now in the transition changes from L.P. on vinyl to audio cassette. The first audio cassette was done in 1993 for our Silver Jubilee, and simply called "Twenty Five Years".  Track no. 8, "Silver Celebrations" was written and composed by Jenny Bolton. 

1987, and the next audio transition is taking place. Audio cassette is being replaced by Compact Disc (C.D). This being so, it was decided that "Yorkshire Pride" was produced in both formats. The title song of the same name was written and composed by the Choir's Founder, Jimmy Madden and tells the story of the Yorkshire Coast from the River Humber to Tees Bay. Track 3 (A side) tells the story of the Lairdsfield disaster which happened at the mouth of the Tees, and track 3 (B side) tells the story of the Fraserburgh Lifeboat disaster, both poignant songs which remind us of the dangers seafarers face.
"One More Fishing Day" was produced in 2001                     "Sailing On The Tide was produced in 2005

Jimmy Madden
The Choir's Founder

John Tuddenham

Lol Green

Stan Petch

Geoff Palmer

John Lattimer

John Black

John Chapman

Colin Dickenson

Ron Southeran

Alex Madden

Chris Oliver

Stan Camaish

John Fitzgerald

John Overfield

Mick Lince

Dave Bonner

Frank Haggon

Dave Fishpool

Duncan Vickers

John White 

Bob Walker

Ced Parkinson

Bill (Jock) McCambley

Harry Foster

George Hyde

Malcolm Walker

Ted Napton

Dennis (Taffy)Lincoln

George Newton

Norman Goddard

Ted Vickers

Duncan Evens

Dave (Cuzza)Curry

Bill Prim

Malcomb Robinson

Ken Kirton

Peter Lince
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